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NDAA Intelligent Access Control solution with Facial Recognition and Body Temperature Measuring.

Enjoy the convenience and security of unmanned access control with accurate facial recognition. The panel can be used as a stand-alone system that supports up to 20000 face entries which can be added to block & allow lists. Body temperature measurement and face mask presence can be enabled to work with the face match algorithm, so personnel normally allowed access can be denied based on elevated body temperature or if they are not using a face mask. Two way audio can be enabled from a remote location to allow monitoring staff to converse with the person at the terminal.  

Facial Recognition
Dual lens Dedicated Facial Recognition camera with LIVENESS detection that can distinguish real faces from non-real faces eliminating spoof attacks and ensuring improved accuracy and security.
White soft-light LED illumination provides better lighting of faces in low light aiding the IQ analytics algorithm to identify faces more accurately.
Body Temperature Measurement
The dedicated thermal sensor works in conjunction with the IQ facial recognition engine to accurately measure the subject's forehead temperature. The result can be used to determine the person's body temperature and issue a verbal alert if the temperature is outside of a user-defined range. The panel can also confirm if the person is wearing a face mask or not. Note: This is not a medical device.
Access Control
Access control can be achieved by using the panel as a stand-alone controller or by easily intergrating with compatible access control systems using Wiegand protocol or RS485. There are also 2 sensor inputs, 2 dry contact relay outputs and a dedicated door output and exit button input.
The system can be configured to allow access based on face match from the 20000 entry internal database or by code input on the 8" touch screen. 

• 2MP (1920×1080) Full High Definition
• Dedicated Facial Recognition AI Engine

• Body temperature measurement accuracy +- 0.3°C
• 3.97mm fixed lens -@F1.6
• H.265+ / H.265 / H.264+ / H.264 video encoding
• White-light LED illumination
• Internal microphone & speaker
• SD Card recording up to 128GB
• Wiegand compatible

• 2 x alarm relay outputs
• 1 x lock relay outputs
• 2 x alarm inputs
• 12VDC 1A power required

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