Software Downloads

NVMS-2.0 Lite - Site Management Software for NYX Recorders - Windows 32bit  Ver2.1.1.00916 Download

NVMS-2.0 Lite - Site Management Software for NYX Recorders - Windows 64bit  Ver2.1.3 30409 Download

NVMS-2.0 Lite - Site Management Software for NYX Recorders - Mac Version P2P Ver2.1.1.1041 Download

How to install on a Mac

NVMS 1000 Site Management Software for older (Nat 1) NYX Recorders Windows  Download

NVMS 1200 Site Management Software for NYX Recorders Mac Download

NYX Camera and NVR IP Tool Windows  Download

NYX Camera and NVR IP Tool Mac  Download

NYX camera and NVR IP Batch Manager Download

Download the Android App Superlive Plus from the Google Play Store

Download the IOS App Superlive Plus from the Apple App Store

Savant Drivers

NVR Firmware 

How to Upgrade NVR Firmware

Warning this is only if you have a NVR with version 1.46 or later firmware or you could permanently brick the NVR.

IPX-4P and IPX-8P1, IPX-8P2 (NOL) Firmware version 1.1.10 Download   This is for 4ch and 8ch NVRs only. This provides new features for Ultimate cameras

Please contact us for 16 channel and above and older recorders.

Camera Firmware 

Ultimate 4MP Firmware 

Ultimate D8VF Firmware

IPD5-28F IQ2+


Please contact us for other camera firmware.

NYX IP View+ Doorbell


Using Internet Explorer Mode in Microsoft Edge

Combined NVR for spot monitor

Network Camera Quick Start Guide Download

Network Camera User Manual Download

Superlive Plus App User Guide Download

NVR Quick Guide Download

NYX NVR User Manual Download

Wifi camera WPS Setup Download

HDD Storage Calculator

Recommended Installer Toolkit

TPLink 4G Modem manual

Turn off Audio Alarm on IPD5-PA

Setting Up Light & Audio on Ultimate Camera

Turn off/on app Light & Audio Alarm on D4FB Ultimate 

Accessing Cameras Through NVR

Video Guides

Setting up Superlive Plus App

Setting Up AI Line Crossing

Setting Up AI Intrusion

NYX Playback and backup

Setting Up Face Recognition

Setting Up Smart Tracking PTZ

NYX Search and Backup

NYX Alarm Expansion Box

Setting Up Hikvision Cameras on NYX NVR

Setting Up NYX cameras on Hikvision NVR

NYX ANPR Cameras

How to set up NVMS software

NYX Remote Access Using Autonat

NYX ANPR Cameras

Remote App System Disarm Setup


MHD Quick Guide

Kratos HD User Manual

SMS Manual 

SMS Software for MHD

If you are an end user please contact your installer for support.       

Authorised Installer Support Phone 07 55279949


Password Reset

End users please contact your installer or another authorised installer.