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"They’re the brazen crooks being caught out in an instant. Watch how cops are now on the scene while the thieves are still carrying out the crime."

Headlines from A Current Affair Program on Wednesday 21, 2013 read;

Caught in an Instant

So what's all the HYPE about? This technology has been around for years and implemented very well by respected Security Providers such as Back2Base in Brisbane on both Analogue and True HD systems WITHOUT lock-in rental plans, finance agreements or unknown equipment and potential hidden costs.

The article uncovered what a CCTV system can do when implemented properly and served as good public awareness. Thank you ACA – great job. Unfortunately it was sensationalized. In reality, the police would have to have been nearby whilst the incident occurred to be able to attend within 2 minutes.

Good on Zoomvideo for marketing themselves on TV. It's a positive to the CCTV industry. Unfortunately this marketing campaign described the common term “VIDEO VERIFICATION” as new 3 Megapixel technology but ironically showed arrest footage with traditional analogue CCTV. In truth this concept was first practiced in the UK to save law enforcement from wasting time investigating false alarms.

After the show I wanted to know more about Zoomvideo and investigated the literature on their website. They offer rental or finance plans on non branded equipment which they import. Companies associated with them are AUSTRALIAN SECURITY RENTALS PTY. LTD formally know as BARFARM PTY. LTD, GOTCHA SECURITY SERVICES PTY. LTD, BARFARM PTY. LTD & another company called VIDEO CONTROL ROOM.COM PTY LTD, formally know as CLOJACK PTY. LTD, AUSTRALIAN SECURITY RENTALS PTY. LTD, CLOJACK PTY. LTD which share the same Registrant Contact Name of Mr Barry Farmer on both & who also is the registrant contact of of which the registrant is Australian Security Rentals. This information is available via and The downside to this push selling approach is that the potential customer is unable to compare their services fairly with other security service providers offering the same or better.

Unfortunately a company called 3rd Eye who heavily marketed a similar business model went under administration recently leaving one of our valued customers with a great financial loss. Hmm, I wonder what support the end user receives now?

So the moral of the story is to ask questions and compare. Nothing is free and don’t expect TV show NCIS video – it just doesn’t exist yet!  Obtain quotes from various security providers and look at what they offer. In reality, any service provider can offer you rental using a finance company. It's just a lease and if you organize a loan yourself you might save yourself some money by not paying commissions to the service provider via the finance company. Also ask what is NOT covered by their warranty and what happens if things go wrong. I have heard from irate end users paying for non-working equipment, complaining that the company who installed it won’t come to fix it. The reason is, the installers have been paid and the finance company doesn’t repair equipment. Obviously it depends on the agreement – some might.

So here is the ACA article – take a look and judge for yourself…


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